Why website speed is an important matter, should be paid attention to when developing a website?

Certainly in the process of website development, you have heard the optimizing website speed. So what is the role of website speed optimization?  Why website speed matter?

Let Magepow find out through the article below.

1. Website performance and speed index

Website performance refers to the download speed and display speed of web pages in a user’s browser.

Speed index provides indicators of viewing time and interaction of users on the website. This metric shows how quickly customers can view the content on the page.

Website performance is assessed by indicators: website speed, user experience, website responsiveness,… In fact, the principle to maximizing website performance is to focus and improve the page load speed.

2. Website Speed

Increasing website speed means reducing the time requested content is fully loaded from the hosting and displayed on the user’s browser.

Google says you can determine your site’s speed by measuring metrics:

  • Page load time for a sample of the number of pageviews on your website.
  • Load time of any website visitor interaction
  • The speed at which browsers parse a document and render it to the user.

Depending on different objects, website speed is understood in different meanings:

  • To customers: website speed is the time they see the website’s content on their computer/mobile screen
  • With developers: web speed from when the user searches for information to the time when all resources are downloaded from the server to the user’s browser.

A popular tool to check website speed is Google Page Speed Insights. This tool also helps you to test website speed on mobile devices.


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3. Why is website speed important?

Everything starts with speed 

Let’s look at the numbers:

  • 47% Customers want website to load in less than 2 seconds
  • 40% Customers will leave if the page loads more than 3 seconds
  • 85% Visitors enjoy when the website loads quickly on mobile devices.

Great website structure and useful content to help engage customers. However, if they take a long time to view that content ignore your website, they will definitely website, the chance of them coming back is very low.

Website speed matters in web development. Many website developers focus on interface design, integration of features, and content creation rather than on improving website speed. This is the reason why a website is not successful even if it is a great design. 

Don’t ignore the website speed issue, it will help you compete better than the competition. It’s as well as attract customers and generate revenue for your store.

Affected website ranking on search engine

Improving page speed is important to users, also important to search engines. Google used to claim page load speed as one of their top ranking factors.


An interesting fact is ‘Google will reduce the number of crawlers sent to your website if the website server responds slower than 2 seconds.” This means that Google will not update products and blogs or the latest changes to the site regularly and quickly if the website speed is slow.

Standard server speeds will make your project robust, fast, and ensure faster connections and connections. Refer to Magepow’s hosting service: Magento Cloud

If you care about ranking your website on search engines, you need to optimize your website to load quickly on both computers and mobile devices.

Increased customer experience

Make sure all your customers are at ease when accessing your website. Because any website visitor has the ability to become a potential customer.  

Especially with multi-product e-commerce stores, a quick website will help customers see more of your products. The easy navigation and checkout process is the maximal factor in store sales. 


Ability to convert

 As you can see, all the activities you do on the website are geared toward the most important goal of increasing conversions.


Amazon presented one of its first studies, ‘Making Data Useful,’ outlining the relationship between page load time and online store revenue. Tests show that if the website loads 100 parts per thousand seconds, Amazon’s revenue will drop 1%.

A fast loading website helps you to develop sustainably

It can be concluded that too long website loading time will reduce the number of customers, including website developers and owners. The increase in customer bounce rate leads to ‘evaporation’ of the store’s revenue.

Furthermore, website speed will affect your reputation and brand. Over time it will hinder the natural development of the website, and at the same time make your marketing activities less effective.

Website speed matters for customers, developers, and business owners. It is a chain factor. When you optimize your website speed will improve customer experience, increase search rankings, affect conversion rates and your long-term growth. Concerned about page speed is how you effectively improve website performance.

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