best online free website speed test tools

Top 10+ best online free website speed test tools

Website speed is one of the important factors to pay attention to when building and developing a website. Currently, there are many tools to test website speed. So which is the best tool to use?

Join Magepow to learn 14 best speed test tools in this article!

I. 4 website speed test tool of Google

1. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an open-source, automated Google tool used to analyze, measure and improve the website quality. You can use this tool for all types of websites (from public websites to websites that require authentication).

Lighthouse will help you comprehensively check the necessary criteria for the web to function effectively, including performance, accessibility, progressive web app, SEO capabilities … and many more.

It can be said that Lighthouse is the most comprehensive tool of Google today to help users evaluate the website accurately. In addition to its extensive analytical capabilities, this tool also offers useful tips on how to improve and improve the quality of your website.

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2. PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is a Google tool designed to help optimize the website’s performance. When using this tool to test website speed, the data will be returned through Pagespeed Insights (PSI) report, and suggestions for page improvement will also be provided to users by this tool.

PageSpeed Insights

From the end of 2018, PSI is operated by Lighthouse. Therefore, at present, the figures in the PSI report are based on data from the Lighthouse Lab. When scanning on the website, Pagespeed Insights will provide two types of data for users: Lab Data và Field Data.

3. Test My Site

Test My Site is a free tool provided by Google to evaluate mobile site speed and provide suggestions for improving mobile user experience.

This tool uses data from Lighthouse to make customized recommendations to improve your page speed and site speed along with best practices for handling speed issues for your website.

Test My Site

Test My Site is suitable for both marketers and developers. The tool includes developer-specific tech recommendations as well as suggestions on how to solve website problems when marketers launch on-site marketing campaigns. This website speed test tool report is created with a dedicated section with detailed information and the next steps to take to solve the problem.

Test My Site is intended to help initiate a conversation with your technical team to create an optimization plan that incorporates recommended fixes into your roadmap.

4. Chrome Dev Tools

Chrome DevTools is a set of web developer tools that are integrated directly into the Google Chrome browser.

Chrome Dev Tools

More than simply a website speed testing tool, DevTools core workflow includes debugging CSS, CSS prototyping, JavaScript debugging and load performance analysis…

DevTools can help you with quick page editing and quick crash diagnostics, which ultimately help you build better, faster websites.

II. 10 website speed test tools of other developers

1. GTmetrix – Website Performance Testing and Monitoring

GTmetrix is ​​a tool for customers to easily test the performance of their website, this website speed test tool was developed by Carbon60.

Carbon60 initially created a simple testing tool to help their customers evaluate website performance issues such as server issues or UI issues. Receiving positive feedback from customers, the developers of Carbon60 have built better and released GTmetrix – one of the website speed testing tools that many people use and know.


Previously, GTmetrix provided performance analysis based on the recommendations of PageSpeed ​​and YSlow. However, they only focus on one specific aspect of performance, the front-end structure of the page. So in November 2020, GTmetrix underwent the biggest change, replacing PageSpeed ​​/ YSlow libraries with Lighthouse – the industry standard for web performance.

Test website speed with GTmetrix you will get:

  • Summary of key performance metrics.
  • Monitoring, graphs and alerts to keep track of performance metrics.
  • Test your site from multiple locations.
  • Analyze your page on mobile.
  • Advanced analysis options for more insights (paid version).

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2. Pingdom Tools: Website Speed Test

This tool provides an efficient, reliable uptime and performance monitoring tool for your website.

Pingdom Tools

With Pingdom, you can track your website uptime, performance, and engagement across different geographic regions for a better user experience.

Pingdom provides a website summary, with specific stats like performance score, load time, page size, number of recommendations requested on the page…

Based on the rules outlined in Google PageSpeed ​​Insight, Pingdom will provide suggestions to help you reduce the load times significantly.

3. WebPageTest – Website Performance and Optimization Test 

WebPageTest is a website speed and performance testing tool that provides in-depth diagnostic information about how a site behaves under a variety of conditions.


Each of these tool’s tests can be run from different locations around the world, on real browsers, and on any number of customizable network conditions. Run a website speed test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers (IE and Chrome) and at real consumer connection speeds.

You can run simple tests or do advanced tests with multiple steps such as recording videos, blocking content, disabling JavaScript…

With customizable conditions for speed testing, WebPageTest will provide you with information and statistics on specific website speed and performance from which to give reasonable suggestions to improve.

4. Uptrends – Website Speed Test

Uptrends’ free website speed test provides specific metrics about website speed on either desktop or mobile.


To measure website speed on the desktop, Uptrends offers options for the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or PhantomJS), screen size and bandwidth throttling. As for measuring web speed on mobile devices, this tool offers options for Device model and Bandwidth throttling.

Then, when your page loads, the tool will track every detail along the way to come up with specific metrics (number and size of its page elements, image distribution, file set Commands, CSS files, HTML files, and the domain names of those elements…), and suggested improvements.

5. Dotcom – Tools: Website speed test

Dotcom-Monitor is a web performance company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Site Speed ​​Test Dotcom-Monitor allows users to test their website from 20 locations worldwide.


Once the test is complete, the user can choose “details”, drill down into powerful performance reports, and analyze the waterfall chart. Users can also choose which browser they want to test. This test supports Chrome, Firefox, IE, iOS and mobile browsers including iPhone, iPad and Android!

Dotcom-Monitor continuously develops performance tools to help webmasters and developers improve their website and user experience for their website.

6. Website Speed Test – KeyCDN Tools

KeyCDN’s Website Speed ​​Test is a full-page speed test that can be taken from 10 different locations around the world. It allows to test and measure the performance of any HTML page. The results returned will provide information about requests, content size, and download time.

There’s also a complete report detailing the HTTP header and time of each asset, from which you can evaluate the site’s performance to see where improvements can be made.

7. Website Speed Test – Sitechecker

Sitechecker website speed test tool is easy to use and will be suitable for both beginners and experienced users alike.

Website Speed Test – Sitechecker

When using this tool, you will get detailed information about loading speed and page size with a page speed test. With detailed charts of your site’s status, you can quickly learn about problem areas and aspects that require urgent intervention. The tool will show you what to notice and how to fix it.

You can export the results as a PDF file, share a link to the data, or copy the information to the clipboard. This is a very convenient way to take test results and compare them with post-fix metrics on your website.

8. Website Speed Test Tool – AdResults

AdResults site speed tester shows how fast your website (or subpages) is. This tool also provides information about optimization possibilities, allowing you to speed up your website.

Website Speed Test Tool – AdResults

9. Dareboots – Website Speed Test and Performance Check 

More advanced than regular bots, Dareboots’ Website Speed ​​Test and Performance Check (based on Google Chrome) allow you to run realistic and highly configurable tests, reproducing the exact same conditions as the user in real life.


The tool’s test report not only includes all the technical metrics required for a complete diagnosis of web quality but also includes key metrics related to user experience and essential metrics designed for web professionals.

10. by Netlify: Website Speed Test Tool evaluates your website based on its initial global load time and its privacy settings. by Netlify

Above are the 14 best online website speed testing tools that Magepow has tried and experienced to share with you. Hopefully, through this article, you will choose for yourself an easy-to-use and most suitable website speed check tool for your website.