How To Use Shopify CLI?

Shopify’s CLI (Command Line Interface) is one of the best tools for building Shopify apps.

Shopify CLI helps Shopify Partners with several important application-building tasks. This includes creating Node.js, PHP, and Ruby on Rails apps, as well as developing app extensions, themes, and Shopify Scripts (currently in beta).
This article will show you how to build an app with php (Laravel Framework)

Requirement For Installation

At first, you need to repair:

For PHP, you have to prepare PHP, composer, npm

Step By Step

Step 1: Open your terminal and run the command

gem install shopify-cli

Step 2: Run the command to verify the shopify version:

shopify version

Step 3: Run the following command to log in shopify account:

shopify login

Step 4: Create new project

shopify app create php

Step 5: Start a local development server:

shopify app tunnel auth <token>

Please go to ngrok, login into your account, or sign up if you do not have an account, then click on your authentication, copy the code, and paste it to the token part.

Step 6: Start the server

shopify app serve

Bellow is the specific guidelines for installing Shopify cli. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.