costs sales marketing
costs sales marketing

Cost Of Making a Sale Website (Part 2)

Below is part 2 for the costs of making a sale website.

Other Factors To Consider

How will you manage the warehouse, and inventory?

Selling online is also not simply posting pictures on the website and waiting for buyers. Just like a brick-and-mortar store, you also have to manage inventory. For a list, do you already have space/storage?

If you already have an inventory management system, you can find an e-commerce platform that can integrate your system.

What are your shipping options?

Besides inventory management, you also need to consider the shipping options you want to offer to your online shopping customers.

How far is your ability to handle your transportation needs? Will you transport yourself, hire a carrier, or cooperate with transport units? How will the international shipping take place? All the shipping options you want to apply are up to you.

As long as you carefully consider the size of your store, the scope of your sales, and your ability to manage.

Shop payment options

Similar to shipping, the payment options in your online store also need to fit your selling needs.

Determine The Cost Of Making Sales Website Based On Which Items?

Many different variables affect the overall cost of building an online store. Some e-commerce stores cost several hundred dollars to set up while others can cost tens of thousands, even several hundred thousand dollars. However, in general, when building an online store, you will have to spend money on a few items:

  • E-commerce software
  • Domain
  • Hosting costs
  • SSL Certificate
  • Payment processing fees
  • Online store design
  • Add-ons and extensions

Building Website Infrastructure

Choose the right platform

E-commerce platforms have many levels of cost depending on the available features and services that these platforms provide.

Domain cost

Domain names can be paid annually or every few years. Buying a domain name typically costs between $2 and $20 per year, according to GoDaddy.

The price depends on where you buy it and what extensions you get. such as .com or .shop. If you buy through a private sale or auction, it will cost more, but you will most likely get the domain name you want.

Hosting/server cost

After you register a domain name, the next step is to find a web host. The above-mentioned e-commerce platforms are all hosted in the cloud (cloud) and provide web hosting services under subscription packages. That means you won’t have to look for third-party hosting anymore.

If you want to buy your hosting, the cost ranges from $80-$730 per month. The price fluctuates so much that it depends on the traffic to your website. Our website features automated services, such as website backups.

SSL certificate cost

SSL certificates range in price from $20-$70 per year. This is the least expensive part of the cost of making a sales website. But it does provide the online security needed for customers to visit and shop on your site.

Sometimes, SLL is a factor for search engines to rank your website. In addition, some hosting providers also offer SSL included in their service packages.

Payment processing fees

Payment processing costs depend on the type of payment you want to offer during checkouts – such as PayPal or various credit cards – the currency you will accept, and the region where you will sell.

Above is the information on costs for making the sales website part 2. Please check the next part for more details.