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Website loading speed is one of the important factors affecting the website's position on search engines, especially Google. Magento 2 Speed ​​Optimizer by Magepow helps improve website performance to bring your store to the top of Google search rankings.

General Information

In an era of increasingly advanced technology, speed is one of the most important factors placed on the top of every field. In an online business, website speed is one of the important factors that significantly affect your ranking position and online sales. Speed ​​is the key to success.

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Research and fact both show that nearly half of users will leave if the page load speed is greater than 3 seconds. They don't have the patience to wait for your website to finish loading and you have lost potential customers. Sites with a fast page load speed will result in lower bounce rates and increased online revenue after being optimized. Without a doubt, a faster speed can give your customers a great shopping experience instead of a slow page load.


Our Magento 2 Speed ​​Optimizer will make your website load faster than ever before. Your online store will be both users and search engine-friendly.

Page load speed is also one of the important factors that search engines (eg Google) rank for a website. Only websites with the fast loading speed, useful and new content, and optimized performance get the top position in Google search rankings and reach more potential customers.

Customers will no longer leave your store due to too long page load times.

Google also evaluates your website better and the website will get higher positions in Google search results.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is a free tool that tests website loading speed. If the result is below 80 points, then you should find a way to make this index and your website speed increase.

Don't miss your chance to increase conversions!

Minimum load time - Maximum conversions

Outstanding features of Magento 2 Speed ​​Optimizer


Preloading Body

If your website has a large capacity or slow network speed, Preloading Body will help create a sense of comfort and make users believe that your website is still loading normally.

Not at all boring, you can change any of the loading icons you like with the Loading Body placeholder.

Preloading Images

A loading icon will be displayed when the image has not been fully loaded and you can change the loading icon using the Loading Image placeholder.

Lazy Load

Lazy Load will help the website delay the creation of an object until the time needed.

You don't want to apply slow loading at the top of a web page, such as the title slider or top banner. Regex Block allows you to set the position where you want to apply the slow load from there using the block ID or class.

Exclude Image class helps you to exclude images that you don't want to apply slow load. The image with the layer you want will have no slow loading.

Keep web page layout from spoiling when images in the web page are not fully loaded using Placeholder Images.

Minify / Defer Files

Speed ​​up your Magento 2 store by reducing HTML, CSS and JS code by up to 10 - 20% without affecting the content of your website.


Speed test after using the speed optimizer extension for Magento 2

Let see the results of speed testing after optimizing speed by this extension

1. Speed Test On Gtmetrix.Com

Speed test result on gtmetrix.com

2. Speed Test On Google PageSpeed Insights

Speed test Result on Search Results Web result with site links  PageSpeed Insights - Google Developers

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