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Magento 2 Recent Order Notification

Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x, Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x

Magento 2 Recent Order Notification extension allows the website Magento to show recent sales popup, notify customers about a recently bought item.

You have a website on the Magento platform and you want to increase your order?

Magento 2 Recent Order Notification extension will help you!

Look in the frontend Magento website


There are many marketing methods to boost sales effectiveness. You can refer to Special Promotion, Sticky add to cart, Product Slider,...

One of all, recent order notification is a great way to increase the credibility of your website and attract customers' attention. This is a method that helps to stimulate the buying process of customers, help customers quickly know the product, and decide to buy.

Based on customer behavior research on the Magento website, Magepow team developed Magento 2 Recent Order Notification.

Recent Order Notification extension will help the website notify customers about a recently bought product or some fake orders to navigate customers following your business strategy.

How does Recent order notification work?

  • Notify customers about recent sale product 

Recent Order Notification is displayed in the form of a pop-up notification window in the bottom corner of the website when customers visit your store. This extension allows you to include key information of the order: product name, time of purchase, and customer purchase address.

Through sale notification, customers can either know the product is being sold on your website or can click on the pop-up window to be navigated to the product detail page. This is an effective method of customer navigation without spending too much money. Based on the initial stimulus from the notification pop-up, the customer will trust this is a quality product and make a quick shopping decision.


Recent order notification - popup

  • Attract customers with fake orders.

In business practice, the orders often do not appear continuously and promptly when customers visit the website. A good solution to this problem is to create large fake order messages that stimulate the shopping behavior of customers. The features in the admin panel help administrators easily customize how virtual order messages appear on the website. 


Set up virtual order notifications

You can show any product in the sale popup with product ID, custom fake times purchased fake order shipping address, ... In addition to the timely notification appearance, virtual order notification also supports advertising programs, Promotions to sell to the store. The administrator can choose from the list of best-selling products, products on sale, new products ... When these products appear with the right frequency, they will receive the attention of customers, increasing conversions.

  • Customize the notification window elements

A notification window is a convenient method of attracting customers, but if too many appear, it will cause bad effects. With Magepow Recent Order Notification, customers can completely close it with just one click if customers feel annoying. In case you still want to display the window displaying the message after the customer has closed, you can select 'No' with the 'Don't show again when close' feature in the admin panel. In addition, administrators can easily customize other elements such as limit product, autoplay features, First Time Show wait notification when start, Speed ​​Next time. This helps increase the reputation of customers for the website.



Full Features

  • Enable/Disable recent order notification with one click
  • Show recent order popups on any page: home page, category page, product page, blog,...
  • Notify visitor/customers about a recent sale product
  • Create fake orders to stimulate the shopping behavior of customers
  • Allow show information recently order as name product, time of purchase, address of the customer
  • Allow customers to click and go directly to the product detail page
  • Can close popup - notification with just one click
  • Based on product ID, you can show any product on your website.
  • Set up display time to pause popup between two notification
  • Admin panel is easy to use
  • Set up display time to pause popup between two notification
  • Set limit of displaying popup number
  • Set the speed of displaying

During the customer buying process, sometimes some impact can also stimulate the customer to make faster shopping decisions. Without spending too much marketing expense, the Magento 2 Recent Order Notification extension is a useful tool to increase your website's reputation, thereby increasing sales for your store.


How to use Recent order notifications for Magento 2?


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