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Magento 2 Special Promotion

Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x, Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x

Configure attractive shopping cart pricing rules with 16 unique promotional rules. This module helps increase customer loyalty, encouraging them to repeat purchase of the store's products.

General information

Customers will shop more if they get more value from your business.

One of the preferred methods of increasing sales for e-commerce websites is to create attractive promotions.

Magento 2 Special Promotion to help you build a smart promotion system through 16 shopping cart pricing rules. This extension highlights your promotions, attracting customers as soon as they visit the website.


Stimulate the buying process of customers

Instead of being limited by Magento's default rules, with the Special Promotion extension, you can freely choose and combine many different offers and discounts. When customers feel that they are receiving more offers when shopping, they will decide to buy faster. This helps to increase sales for your store.

Consistent with marketing strategies

The Special Promotion extension makes it easy to implement marketing plans. You can calculate costs for promotions based on cart price rules. Increase marketing efficiency by creating many promotions: discounts, inventory discharge, special occasions promotions, customer gratitude promotions, ...

Increase customer loyalty

Discounts and product discounts generate customer love and loyalty. When you offer customers more benefits than other stores, they shop more. Create promotions by a certain time for customers to continue shopping at the store many times.



Special promotion with 16 unique rules

With more than 16 promotional rules set up in the admin panel, you can completely deliver the promotions tailored to the characteristics of products and customers.

  • The Cheapest, also for buy 1 get 1 free

The discount is based on the cheapest product in the cart.

Example: 10% discount on the cheapest product in the shopping cart

  • The most expensive

Discount applies to the product with the largest price in the shopping cart. Example: 10% discount on the most expensive product in the shopping cart.

  • Get $Y for each $X spent

You can create promotions like ''Get $ 10 off every $ 300 in the cart'. Example: Get $ 1 for every $ 20 spent

  • Buy X get Y

+ Percent discount: Buy X get Y free

+ Fixed Discount: Buy X Get Y With $10 Off

+ Fixed Price: Buy X Get Y For $9.99

  • Each N-th

Promotion applies to the nth item in the cart 

+ Percent Discount: Each 2-D, 4-Th, 6-Th With 15% Off

+ Fixed Discount: Each 3-D, 6-Th, 9-Th With $15 Off

+ Fixed Price: Each 5th, 10th, 15th For $49

  • Each Product After N

Create promotions for all products after the nth product

+ Percent Discount: Each 1st, 3rd, 5th With 15% 0ff After 5 Items Added To The Cart

+ Fixed Discount: Each 3d, 7th, 11th With $15 0ff After 5 Items Added To The Cart

+ Fixed Price: Each 5th, 7th, 9th For $89.99 After 5 Items Added To The Cart

  • Each Group Of N

Promotional options for a group that includes n products in the cart.

+ Fixed Price: Each 5 Items For $50

+ Percent Discount: Each 5 Items With 10% Off

  • Product Set

Promotion applies to product sets

+ Percent Discount For Product Set

+ Fixed Price For Product Set


Create special promotions by combining rules

Combining a 'Buy X get Y' promotion with a 'The Cheapest Product' discount on a customer's shopping cart will delight them. As customers get more benefits from your store, they will come back to buy more.


Combine conditions to limit rules

Assign attributes based on your product and customer characteristics for the best performance of a special offer.

Besides, you can also customize products and use them as rule conditions. This feature helps to limit promotions and tailor them to the store's conditions.


Skip in-store products with special prices

Save time when there is no need to manually edit each product price. This extension provides the feature to remove incentives for some in-store products to ensure profitability.


View offers in the user interface

For example: Discount the cheapest products in the shopping cart



Highlight promotions - banner & product label 

With Magento 2 Special Promotion, customers will be immediately attracted to outstanding product banners and labels.

Banners and promotional product labels will help drive traffic from any product page to the promotion page. Customers can see store promotions and products being implemented, thereby helping to increase store sales.

1. Top banner on product page

A promotional banner will be placed prominently on top of the product page



2. After product description banner

The banner follows the product description



3. Product label



4. Combine different types of banners



5. Configure banner layout according to the rule priority order

pku product



6. Choose the promotion position displayed

The options in the admin panel are all product, product SKU, categories.

pku product


Rule type field

After installing and configuring the Special Promotion for your Magento website, you can easily manage the shopping cart rules that have been set up in the admin grid. This feature is very useful when you need to create many different promotions.




Full Features

For developers

  • Build smart automatic discount system
  • Create cart price rules that match your inventory
  • Flexible use of percentage discount, fixed price discount, or fixed price.
  • Effectively manage the company's promotional strategies
  • Create promotions for individual products
  • Create individual and accurate promotions that are relevant to customers and time of deployment.
  • Run promotions based on the amount spent
  • Specify the rules and the amount of the discount
  • Create offers, increase sales for specific items
  • Compatible with other shopping cart pricing rules
  • Easy to install and use
  • Support customized upon request.
For business
  • Use price rules to activate discounts based on multiple conditions
  • Provide many attractive incentives for customers
  • Increase average order value and drive customers to make next in-store purchases
For customers
  • Timely update special promotions of businesses
  • Increase shopping experience on the website




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