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Lookbook Pin Products

Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x, Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x

Lookbook extension for Magento helps you to combine many beautiful products and images into a collection of unique products that attract customers.

Magento 2 Lookbook extension helps you create an attractive product lookbook right on the front of the store. Also, with this extension, you can create markers on your lookbook to direct customers to the product details page. 

Key Features
  • Easy to create Lookbook Pin Products
  • Display any page on your live store
  • Disable/ Enable Lookbook
  • Enable to Pop up on your page
  • Enable to edit each pin name
  • Display detail of each pin
  • Set up a discount for the entire lookbook
  • Customer can purchase a single product or entire lookbook easily

1. Create a dedicated Lookbook for your customers

Lookbook is a set of photos designed based on the concept of the product, with creative color and layout, helping to convey the distinctive values of the brand. 

A lookbook that combines many different products that match the customer's taste and style of style will make them want to choose to buy immediately.

With Lookbook Product, customers can explore many products easily and conveniently. 




2. Provides pin option for every image in your lookbook

Lookbook Magento 2 allows to creation of multiple collections under different themes and add unlimited links for the products in that collection. 

In the backend, the administrator can add and adjust product markers. This allows customers to view multiple cross-sell or related products in one collection. 


3. Add lookbook product anywhere on the website

Display the lookbook in the UI by inserting widgets. You are free to choose the position that suits the website layout.

Note. Choose a location where your lookbook can be easily seen by customers. This will help increase customer engagement with the lookbook.


4. Lookbook product is important for many types of websites

Create beautiful collections especially needed with stores that display fashion products and accessories. Lookbook extension helps you to promote your images and products to your customers. It gives users new fashion choices and styles and introduces trends-based clothing patterns and accessories.


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