How to use sitemap for Magento

XML sitemap is an easy way to let search engines know where your website is, it won’t help you rank in search, but it can get you indexed faster. In this article, we will research about sitemap and how to use sitemap for Magento website.

1. Sitemap on Magento

Basically, Sitemap is a file that contains all the URLs contained in a website to help search engines crawl more fully.

The sitemap also provides some other information such as: the most recent update time of the website, the change, the importance of each URL and information about the content topics of the website. This tool helps search engines understand the organization of content in your website, thereby displaying search results to users better.
There are two types of sitemaps:

  • XML Sitemap: used for search engines
  • HTML Sitemap: used to navigate visitors on the website interface

In Magento, the XML sitemap is saved to your settings in the location that you specify. In order for search engines to best crawl your website, the sitemap needs to be updated regularly as the content changes.

2. How to check if your website has a sitemap?

You can check the existence of the sitemap through the SEO Quake tool
After installing the extension in your browser, open your website and run SEO Quake, click DIAGNOSIS, check the status of the XML Sitemap:

3. How to create sitemap on Magento

In the Magento user guide you can find detailed sitemap creation instructions.

Follow the standard instructions to add sitemaps to your Magento stores

4. Exclude any URL from sitemap

In the process of website SEO, some URLs need to be excluded from the sitemap to increase website ranking on search engines.
Currently Magento does not support this function. You can refer to Magento 2 Sitemap Exclusion extension. The utility helps you to exclude from any category/product/CMS page URL from the sitemap of your website.

Sitemap is an effective tool to help your website quickly show up on search engines.

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