Content marketing eCommerce? What type of content is suitable for Magento e-commerce stores?

Content marketing is one of the effective marketing channels that many businesses deploy in the business process.

If you are looking for a natural way to reach your target audience and create conversions, let’s explore content marketing eCommerce with Magepow through the following article:

1. Content marketing eCommerce website

Put simply, content marketing is how you use content that is useful, informational, and knowledgeable to your target audience.

Content marketing helps your business prepare and plan for increased website traffic to attract potential customers.

Good content will help you get quality traffic, enhancing your corporate brand image.

Content marketing eCommerce

2. Content formatting that helps Magento stores increase sales


Integrating blogs in an e-commerce website is a good means to increase readers’ awareness and turn them into customers for businesses. Customer problems can arise at any point in the buying process. From the awareness, understanding, and buying decision stage to the final stage of use and evaluation. Blog posts focus on providing information and answers to customer problems. Corresponding to each stage in the customer buying process, you can create suitable content.

Optimizing SEO standard articles is an effective method to help your articles reach your target customers when they search on search engines. The articles in the top search of customers will bring huge traffic to your website.

See how to create a blog on

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Content category

The category is the place where customers look when they want to find out your business product.

The principle when it comes to making content for the product catalog page is smart layout, easy to find, and exact navigation of the product the customer is looking for.

More reference: Smart category page navigation with Magento 2 Layered Navigation

  • Category plays an important role in displaying attractive e-commerce products, attracting the attention of customers. Some of the ways you can apply to the product page are as follows:
  • Use a short description that focuses on the topic of the category
  • Add demo images/videos, installation instructions or usage
  • Product page layout for convenient customer search
  • Present the product as a slider like here
  • Show new products, best selling products

To optimize for search engine-friendly category pages, integrate with keywords with large volume, consistent with customer intent and category page content.

Content sub-category

Near the end of the shopping process, customers typically visit the sub-category and product pages.


Increase customer experience in sub-categories by adding product filters to help customers find products faster. Besides, you can add a featured product description.

Content product page

With 7 product categories in Magento (simple product, grouped product, Configurable product, Virtual product, Bundle product, Downloadable product), creating product introduction pages is extremely convenient.

Content for product pages should be honest, provide enough information for readers, and attract customers to convert. You can offer product benefits to customers based on existing features, add photos, video demonstrations, create a call to action, … Product page content convinces customers to help. The customer decides to buy the product.

There are a lot of mistakes about content marketing and how it works. If it’s an e-commerce store, the right content marketing strategy will convert your business.

Good luck!