Magento vs CS Cart comparison: Which e-commerce platform should I choose?

In the world today there are many providers of e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento vs CS Cart, … Among them, Magento vs CS Cart are two extremely popular platforms in developing and operating e-commerce channels. In fact, a lot of debate has been raised about what is the dominant platform between Magento vs CS Cart.

Because of that, in this article, I will help you compare the highlights of Magento vs CS Cart.

1. CS Cart

1.1 Definition

If you are looking for a shopping cart software solution that integrates with SEO, can flexibly customize with many features at a reasonable price, CS Cart is the perfect solution. This open-source platform has been in development for more than 20 years since the first version was released in 2005, so far there are more than 30,000 online stores using CS-Cart software. With CS-Cart, businesses can set up and manage a full-scale e-commerce site from small to a multi-store virtual shopping mall. Besides, CS-Cart also supports more than 70 online payment gateways including Paypal, Webmoney, EWay,… and also allows ordering by phone and some other traditional methods.

1.2 Product

CS-Cart publishes two versions of CS-Cart and Multi-vendor, CS-Cart version gives users the convenience of a simple online shopping website. Meanwhile, multi-vendor offers the full functionality of a virtual shopping marketplace where vendors can post products through a single website. This solution allows the customer to place all products of different suppliers in one order and that order will be automatically divided into many sub-orders of suppliers.

cs cart

1.3 Application

CS Cart is a partner of many major e-commerce sites such as Amazon,, Uber, Taskrabbit.

2. Magento

2.1 Definition

Magento Open-Source is the largest popular e-commerce platform today with a wide range of major customers such as HP, Sigma, Bauhaus, … This is a powerful and flexible tool with many excellent features. and is adequate for running an e-commerce website. With Magento, users can completely customize the content and archive in the management section. Besides, Magento has an unlimited number of extensions from the Magento community that makes this platform popular and chosen by many large businesses.

2.2 Product

Magento released two versions including Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) and Magento Community Edition (CE). Of which Magento CE is a free version that includes the relatively complete functions of an e-commerce website. This is somewhat more advantageous than CS-Cart when all versions of CS-Cart are charged. For Magento EE which is a paid version, users will experience a variety of more advanced features such as database expansion, loyalty features, SEO. Besides, Magento EE allows users to create and manage multiple custom stores with multimedia features and images.

Magento 2

2.3 Application

Magento is the most powerful application in the development of e-commerce web apps with a series of major brands in the world such as Nike, Coca Cola, Heineken.

3. Why should you choose Magento to develop an e-commerce website?

Magento is an extremely trusted e-commerce platform that is trusted by more than 240,000 merchants worldwide, suitable for all types of small and medium businesses. Along with that, Magento meets a variety of forms of B2B, B2C, .. Below are the reasons why Magento should be chosen as a solution to e-commerce related problems:

3.1 Ability of extension

Magento allows the construction of extensions to enhance the shopping experience, you can fully expand the features in Magento to suit your business purposes.

3.2 Easy to integrate

Magento allows integrating a large number of third-party services such as electronic payment gateways, database applications. In particular, Magento also has built-in features Google Base, Google Analytics, Google Checkout.

3.3 Multitasking capabilities

Magento allows creating multiple online stores and only need to manage on a single admin

3.4 Ability to support SEO

Magento creates a lot of SEO friendly features including URL Rewrite, Search URL, Layer Positioning, Sitemaps which are extremely superior to CS Cart when the platform does not support too much Social and SEO.