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Magento 2 Bundle Pack

Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x, Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x

Magento 2 Bundle Pack extension allows you to create product bundles at prices that attract customers. Method to increase conversions and sell inventory.

How does Bundle product discount extension work for Magento 2?

When websites or online stores want to increase sales, one of the most common way they choose is to offer product discounts. So how to reduce product prices but still ensure the creation of profits for businesses. 

Using the Magento Bundle Product discount extension will be a great solution for Magento websites. 

This module’s features allow website administrators to combine products and sell them with special prices. Adjusting the discount of the bundle product that is attractive to customers will help increase conversions. 

For example, A cosmetic store can sell a bundle of the same brand product (includes cleansers, toner, and lotions) for less than the price of buying each product separately. Customers often buy product sets to achieve the best skincare effect. 


Look Magento 2 Bundle pack in the frontend



  • Increase the number of products sold

The products in the bundle pack will be sold together, and also ensure customers will buy as many products as possible before leaving the store. 

  • Convince old customers and attract new customers

Special prices will help customers feel more benefits when shopping. The rate of returning customers will increase while also attracting new customers to test the store’s products.

  • Solve inventory problem

This extension will help the Magento website to free up large quantities of products in stock. Admin can bundle main products with inventory products with better prices. This is often more effective than individual product discounts. 


Highlight Features of Magento 2 Bundle Product Discount 

1. General

  • Enable/Disable the Bundle Product extension quickly
  • Optiont display Bundle pack on product page: below product or on a product tab
  • Customize tag bundle packs
  • Configure pop-up display to select custom product options

bundle-product-popupBundle pack popup


2. Create unlimited bundle products

  • Custom display time
  • Add bundle pack name
  • Add title discounts: For example: Give 10$ discount when buying together
  • Select discount type: Fixed, Percentage, Conditional discounts.
  • Enable/Disable discount on main products
  • Select discount condition option: any or all bundle products
  • Set discount for main product and bundle pack products. The admin can set a unique discount amount (including 0) for each item on this Bundle Product. 

Note: With Conditional discounts, administrators can customize the discount rate according to the number of products included in the bundle pack.


Choose Conditional discounts


3. Select main product & bundle pack products

  • Administrators can add any up-sell or cross-sell products in the website product list and set a discount amount for each product.
  • Arrange the order of products in the package easily by dragging and dropping the mouse in the product grid.
  • Specify product quantity and discount amount in bundle page


Choose main product & bundle pack product


4. Create unlimited bundle products

The main product can create unlimited different bundle products and a bundle pack can select multiple main products. 




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