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Magento 2 Testimonial

Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x, Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x

Magento 2 testimonial extension helps you to add customer testimonials to your Magento website. Increase your store's reputation and customer experience.



In online shopping, customer reviews or testimonials about your website are the deciding factor that makes or breaks sales.

Displaying positive feedback from customers on your website proves that you have shoppers and instills trust in your visitors, stimulating them to leave information or shop on the store.


Magento 2 Testimonial is an extension developed by the Magepow team.

This extension makes it possible for Magento websites to quickly create and display testimonial widget on the visitor front-end, with no coding knowledge required.With just a few simple installation and configuration steps, you can show your visitors the great reviews others have on your website.




  • Increase website reputation

Combined with the customer's name, a portrait with a quote from the customer's review gives great confidence to website visitors. Do you see all the major websites using testimonials on the homepage/category/landing page

  • Answer customer inquiries

If you use testimonials wisely, you can affirm the quality of your products or services. Show testimonials by posing a customer problem (e.g. “I was really worried about the speed of my Magento website, and discovering Magepow’s Magento 2 Speed ​​Optimizer plugin was a real treat.” Great solution they did a great job!). Such testimonials are a good way to answer customer inquiries about your products/services. 

  • Show customer satisfaction about the website

Collecting and displaying testimonials meaningfully shows that your website serves your customers well. If you collect customer reviews on a regular basis, you will quickly have a list of authoritative testimonials that convert visitors into sales.



How does it work

1. Config

Login Magento admin, choose “Stores” > “Configuration” > “Magiccart” >” “Testimonial”

  • General config of Testimonial


- Enable/Disable with one click

- Config Title for the testimonial

- Customers submit: Yes or No

- Allows guest write testimonial: Yes or No

- Auto Approve new testimonial: Yes or No

- Config Number per page


  • Config slider


- Enable/Disable the slider

- Slider vertical: True or False mode vertical

- Infinite: True or False

- Auto Play: True or False

- Arrows: True or False

- Dots: True or False

- Rows: number row/slider

- Config speed slider testimonial

- Config Padding item logo brand


  • Responsive


- Setting testimonial responsiveness with different Screens.


2. Manage

  • Add, edit or delete item in testimonial

Add new



  • To show website, insert widget

widget-testimonial- Type and Design Package are already pre-filled, so you just need to fill in the Widget Title, select Store View and Sort Order. Then choose update layout
- Choose the type of page to display and where the testimonial widget will appear on the page and template


Full Features

  • Easy to customize and manage
  • Save time coding, built-in features in admin panel
  • Unlimited number of testimonials
  • Professional testimonial slider configuration
  • Works well on devices: mobile, tablet, laptop
  • Widget support: integrate testimonial block on any position on the website, to suit the requirements of the website layout.
  • Compatible with open source Magento
  • Compatible with Alothemes and 3rd party skins
  • Compatible with multiple stores and multiple languages



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