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Magento 2 Sitemap

Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x, Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x

Sitemap extension helps Magento website add sitemap in XML and HTML. Make it easy for search engines to index links and help visitors see the overall structure of your website.

Sitemap is a tool that helps serch engine crawlers better understand and navigate the site. In Magento, it is a file that contains links to the pages of the website that need to be indexed and the relationship between them. 

Magento 2 Sitemap extension by Magepow helps you to set up sitemap in HTML and XML. 

  • Magento XML sitemap: sitemap used for search engines. XML sitemap features ensure reporting to search engines about structure of website, or reporting on how often the content of site is update, or the search results for a particular URL. 


  • Magento HTML sitemap: is sitemap displayed in the website frontend, helping visistor to identify the information contained in the website. Customers can search for catgories/product/CMS quickly and accurately



Why Sitemap extension is necessary?

  • SEO support for Magento website

Magento sitemap generator provide a direct advantage because they help search engines crawl your website in the most accurate way. This helps search engines understand website content better and rank pages for the most relevant search queries. 

- Introduce your website to Google in the most appropriate way

- Help Google's bot find all the necessary pages

- The faster your website pages are indexed, the shorter it will take to rank your products on Google

- Indicates links that are ready to be crawled for any search engine. 

  • Prioritize high quality pages in sitemap

Overall website quality is an important factor in website ranking. Prioritizing high-quality pages will help increase the authority of your website, and Google will show accurate results in internet user queries.

  • Support customer thing on user interface

For visitors, a Magento sitemap in HTML is like a traditional geographic map, making it easier for them to access the pages they are looking for instead of spending a lot of time filtering through the information on the site. Configuring the sitemap is also essential


How does it work for Magento?

1. Set up HTML sitemap


  • Categories Sitemap: choose yes to show the category list in HTML sitemap.
  • Pages Sitemap: choose yes to show the cms page list in HTML sitemap.
  • Products Sitemap: choose yes to show the product list in HTML sitemap.
  • Limit Product Sitemap: show the product number to be displayed according to the settings.
  • Additional Links: choose yes to show text add the link HTML site you want in the HTML sitemap.


2. Set up XML sitemap


  • Exclusion of child category follow the parent: Choose yes will exclusion of child category follow the parent.
  • Enable Additional Links: Yes, if you want to add more custom links into a sitemap XML file.
  • Additional Links: One link per line
  • Frequency: One of the following value: always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never
  • Priority: From 0 to 1. E.g: 0.5 or 0.8


3. Exclude Categories/Products/CMS page from sitemap

Sitemap extension allows search engines to know what content is indexed. To let search engines know the products/categories/CMS links you don't want indexed, use the sitemap exclusions assigned in the backend.

Config Product


Config Category


Config CMS


Highlight Features

  • Create separate sitemaps for different store views
  • Display HTML sitemap on user interface
  • Option to display HTML sitemap files: categories, products, CMS
  • Limit the number of products on the HTML sitemap
  • Add additional links on HTML sitemap
  • Set up XML sitemap to help search engines index links
  • Exclude child category by parent category from sitemap
  • Add additional links to XML sitemap
  • Exclude categories/products/CMS URLs from sitemap
  • Exclude duplicate URLs from sitemap
  • Set the frequency of sitemap updates
  • Set priority importance for sitemaps
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Compatible with Magento
  • Compatible with Magento 2 Theme at ALothemes and 3rd party extension themes
  • Supports all types of stores and languages
  • Quick support.
  • The utility does not collect any personal data of the user. Do not use for marketing
  • purposes without permission



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