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Magento 2 Product Tags

Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x, Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x

Professionalize your Magento website with excellent product categorization, making it quick and easy for customers to find the product they need. Increase product awareness and increase website conversions.

Magento 2 Product Tags extension

Product is an important role in generating revenue for e-commerce websites. So how to increase customer awareness of your product, while also driving sales? Discover the outstanding features of our Magento 2 Product Tags extension, your project will be perfect.


1: Multi-purpose Product Tags

Magepow issues product tags that enable developers and business owners to group different products into one tag. You can add one or more tags to the product on the website based on the general product conditions, features or characteristics in the way you desire. Tags help group products with the same topic but different categories. If the website has many small topics, but the quantity is too small, not enough to form a category, product tag is the perfect choice.


2: Show on the product detail page

Best customer support. The product tags is immediately attached to the product detail page. Customers can search for related products without asking for support.


3: Increase product awareness among customers

Product tag highlights the features and features of products with keywords.

Professional customer navigation, helping customers easily search and choose to buy products.

Instead of a category containing many products. Product tags only show the products that are most relevant to the search topic.


Product tags are the perfect choice for websites with multiple products and brands.

This is an extremely effective tool to increase the competitiveness of your website, increase product awareness and increase sales.


3: Support SEO website

In Google's website ranking criteria, the tagged pages will be rated higher. Product tags support SEO, act as a category, helping customers easily navigate to the products they are looking for. Using tags for product pages will help your website have a lot of indexes on Google, which is very useful for SEO



4: Manage product tags easily

You can add, delete and update product tags in the admin panel without coding knowledge.

Manage smart and convenient thanks to product tags that operate independently of the category.


Full features

  • Provide customers with professional product filters
  • URL options for the product tag
  • Controller to view a customer-friendly tag-filtered product page
  • Displays the number of products next to the tags
  • Tag into product detail page
  • Product tag title options
  • Limit tags displayed
  • Display the product card in the sidebar
  • Sidebar tag title options
  • Limit tags to the sidebar
  • Product tags operate completely independent of category


Note when using the Product Tags extension

  • Ensure the product card content is useful to customers, helping them to capture information fastest
  • Suggest similar products for their search needs by different product tags
  • Do not create product tags that overlap with existing categories
  • Optimize the tag to suit the website and customer needs. The tag name can be used as the product name
  • Don't overdo tags on a page
  • Product tags should not overlap




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