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Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x, Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x

Magento 2 Product Slider extension helps you to display products in the store as a product slider. Unlimited number of sliders and unlimited display position on Magento website. 

Why does Product Slider extenstion nesscesery?


Adding a product slider on the website has many benefits. You want to use the product slider to present products on your e-commerce website visually and vividly and make them more visible to your visitors. Therefore, professional product slider is very important in boosting sales on Magento website.


In the process of working with Magento e-commerce websites, Magepow's developer team launched the Product Slider extension for Magento 2.

Product Slider is a profession extension that helps you introduce all products by slider. 

Demo Product Slider extension in Ecotech Fresh Food Magento 2 Theme



Benefits of the product slider

  • Increase product conversions

Displaying smart and beautiful products on the website is an effective method to increase sales. Through the slider, customers can easily view multiple products at the same time without wasting time searching. Reality shows that, the shorter you shop for customers, the more products you can sell.

  • Flexible product slider display

Using the Product Slider for Magento stores, you can customize the display position on any page such as a promotional product on the homepage, a best-selling product on a category page, or random products ...

This extension helps to highlight any group of products on the page, helping to direct customers to the product group you want to increase sales.

  • Support business strategy of the business

An effective business strategy helps your business sell more products, thereby increasing sales and profits. You can install Magento 2 Product Slider in combination with Magento 2 Special Promotion to increase sales efficiency. The administrator can choose the category/group of products according to advertising programs and sales promotion suitable for each stage. This helps your business achieve its marketing and sales goals.

Discover the outstanding features of the Product Slider extension that will make your business process more efficient.


How to does Product Slider work for Magento?

1. Creat Product Collections: 

Instead of standard product categories, this extension allows you group any product on the website to creat product collection that match your customers' favorites. Featured unique product collections that bring revenue your website. 

  • Featured products: outstanding products, the best quality of the store

After installing the Product Slider extension, you can completely order and add featured products in Magento in the backend as follows:

Catalog > Products > Edit > General > Featured Product > Yes > as Config as image below.


  • Sale Products: Products are being promoted or discounted on the store

Catalog > Products > Edit > Advanced Settings >Advanced Pricing > set Config as image below.



  • New Products: Products are included in the business product list of the website for the first time

Catalog > Products > Edit > Advanced Settings > Autosettings > set Config as image below.



  • Best Seller: the products are most bought on the website
  • Latest Products: The products viewed by customers most recently
  • Random Products: The products are selected at random from the product catalog on the website


2. Easy Product slider configtion: 

- The Countdown time option displays the product slider

- Title option, Identifier slider

- Upload image

- Use Ajax

- Show load more

- Choose Product Collection

- Limit the products displayed on the slider

- Enable/Disable status.

Select the conditions for selecting products to display on the slider: You can limit the displayed product by selecting product attributes such as color, cost, format

  • Display beautiful product collection slider



  • Display any categories slider



  • Display custom catalog sliders



3. Support responsive slider:

Works perfectly on mobile devices, tablets. Customize the maximum width of the slider according to the number of products.



4. Config product slider: 

Customize the slider configuration in accordance with the website design, creating a good impression on customers about the professionalism.

You can configure any slider with the following elements: Timer, Slide, Slide vertical, Infinite, Autoplay, Arrows, Dots, Fade, Center mode, Rows, Speed, Autoplay speed,Padding, Show cart, Show compare, Show wishlist Show review. 



5. Insert product slider at any position on website using widgets: 

In the backend, you can display product sliders on page, post, custom template. 

Outanding Sale products/New Products/Categories product,... on homepage, category page, promotion page,...

Display an unlimited number of product sliders on the website, and you can also arrange the sliders to suit the website layout.


  • Insert product widget:



Result in the Magento frontend


See more: Guide insert Categories slider, insert Catalog Slider in Magento 2 Product Slider Doccument.

Highlight Features

  • Easy to install and set up: configurable and customizable without knowing any code.
  • Support: Featured Products, Sale Products, New Products, Best Seller Products, Latest Products, Random Products. 
  • Support: product in any categries
  • Support: product in any catalogs.
  • Select any product attributes
  • Display slider in any position on the website easily and quickly using widgets.
  • Customize effects and configure sliders
  • Unlimited number of sliders
  • You can add multiple sliders on a page
  • Support open source Magento,
  • Suitable for many Magento stores: fashion, accessories, electronics, furniture
  • Intuitive interface that is friendly to customers and administrators
  • Responsive to devices. It will calculate itself based on the original layout.



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