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Magento 2 Mega Menu

Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x, Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x

Magento 2 Mega Menu helps you create a beautiful menu for your Magento website with many features such as dropdown menu, mega menu. Good support for SEO and great experience for visitors.


Menu is an important element for every Magento website, similar to widgets, cart, sidebar,.... Menu on Magento acts as a navigation tool, helping visitors to see an overview the main content contained in the website. Users just need to click on the links in the menu to view detailed information about the store's products and services.

Magepow released Mega Menu extension for Magento 2 that supports websites to create navigation menus that can be displayed in landscape or portrait format on your website. Large menus will have additional submenus, submenus have corresponding categories. You can add to the mega menu links, images and featured labels.

This extension saves time and increases the efficiency of your project.

See the Mega Menu demo we have set up on Ecotech - Fresh Food Magento 2 Theme:



  • Easily manage products

Mega menu helps to manage Magento webiste diagram professionally. You can group products by features, features, or group content pages to direct customers to the content they need on your website.

  • Improve the navigability of the website

The main and sub-categories of the website are neatly and intelligently arranged. Mega Menu helps customers find the products they need quickly.

  • Support SEO, friendly with search engines

According to the importance ranking in a website by Google, the content in the menu bar is rated as having a big role in gathering and finding information. The importance level will decrease gradually, from level 1 to menu level 2 and level 3. Menu level 1 is the most important.

  • Increase customer experience

Magento 2 Mega Menu is developed with many features and diverse formats for websites. A well-designed menu will make a good impression on customers and keep them on the website longer. This reduces the bounce rate and increases the conversion rate for your project.


 How does Mega Menu extension work for Magento 2

Video Tutorial


1. Create mega navigation menu on Magento website

  • Mega menu


  • Dropdown menu



2. Custom Menu

  • Login to Magento admin > Magiccart > Menu > Add new menu:
  • Support to choose any category on the website
  • Customize display of proportion categories
  • Customize the display of columns categories


3. Add block to mega menu:

This extension allows you to show the custom block on the top/bottom/left/right of the menu. You can add beautiful images, category icons on the menu to attract customers' attention from the first second.


4. Add menu label

Magiccart menu allows you to integrate prominent, attractive labels on the menu bar. In the store interface, the label will be displayed as follows:



5. Config menu

Stores > Configuration > Magiccart > Magic menu

  • Choose category for dropdown navigation
  • Enable/Disable for top menu and vertical menu
  • Choose Mega Menu Width: auto, boxed or full
  • Sticky menu: Fixed to top while scroll page
  • Choose display position: home, home demo, main category, extra


6. Add extra menu

In addition to displaying categories on the menu so that customers can easily search for products, Mega Menu extension allows you to add extra menus such as about us, contact, blog,.... Extra menu is an effective tool. Help search engines and customers find out other information of the website such as business stories, introduce personnel, introduce business addresses or news, articles related to products, services, etc.

Add extra menu (About, Blog) on Turan Magento 2 Responsive Theme:


  • Add link for extra menu
  • Add label for extra menu
  • Add a name for the extra menu
  • Add classes for extra menu
  • Choose extra content


Full Features

  • Easy to install and configure with no coding knowledge required
  • Professional and user-friendly interface
  • 100% support Magento open source
  • Suitable for many types of stores, many languages
  • Customize menu layout: mega menu, dropdown menu
  • Unlimited menu items
  • Add, remove and edit menus quickly
  • Add block on megamenu
  • Add label
  • Add extra menu
  • Works well on all devices: mobile, computer, tablet



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