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Magento 2 Instagram Integration

Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x, Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x

Magento 2 Instagram extension helps merchants integrate Instagram widget in their online store. You can add Instagram widgets on any page on the website and on any position you want.

General information

Instagram is one of the popular social networks with a large number of users. It is designed around posting beautiful and engaging photos. Customers can also interact with your store by viewing, interacting, and leaving comments.

Integrating stunning images/videos from Instagram to your website is an effective way to improve the performance of your store's interface. Attracting customers with a luxurious and beautiful interface will help enhance the customer experience on the website.


Magento 2 Instagram extension by Magepow is an effective solution to help you integrate Instagram images professionally and quickly without coding knowledge.

With the growth of social networks like Instagram, customers might have a unique and attractive look at your live store and are willing to follow you on Instagram so that you can boost your sales by using this way.


How does Instagram extension work on Magento 2?

1: Display beautiful Instagram images on Magento website

With the Magento 2 Instagram extension, you can easily create and display stunning Instagram images on your storefront. Instagram images appear on the website the way they are posted on Instagram. High-resolution images make your store more luxurious and attractive.

In the admin panel, you can limit the number of Instagram images displayed in accordance with the website's layout.

2: Position options are shown on any page

Flexible to place Instagram widgets anywhere on the website (homepage, category page, product page) with any position on the page you want.

The right location with beautiful images will increase customer interest and increase conversion rates.

3: Customize professional Instagram sliders

The Instagram slider is designed to improve website interface performance. Instead of using static blocks, Instagram images are displayed through professional sliders. This module provides a variety of slider effects: Slide Vertical, Infinite, AutoPlay, Arrows, Center mode, Dots, Fade.

You can arrange the images in a row or rows to appeal to viewers, and customize the speed and automatic mode of the slider.

4: Responsive

With the rapid development of smart devices, it is essential to diversify your store to be compatible with phones and tablets.

Magepow's development team always attaches special importance to device compatibility for each extension. You can fully customize the size to suit the customer's view.

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Benefits of Instagram extension

  • Attract customers at first sight

Instagram is integrated with many photo editing tools to make your product photos the most beautiful and attractive to customers. This is the reason Instagram is a popular sales platform by many businesses.

So, incorporate Instagram images to make your store more lively. The improved interface performance is a factor in enhancing the customer experience.

  • Increase connection and interaction with customers

Integrating Instagram into the website helps visitors to view Instagram posts right on the website. Customers can connect to your Instagram account by clicking on the image on the website.

Besides, when your store operates on many social networks, it will help increase trust with customers. This helps to increase brand reputation and improve conversion rates for the store.

  • Introducing new products, hottest products in the store

With Instagram Feed, you can use it as a way to share with your customers.

For example, the owner of a hair salon can post photos of the latest hairstyles or make-up photos they have made, the bakery can attract customers with beautiful cakes, real estate agents can post projects. Most attractive project ...


Full Features

  • Quickly and easily to Integrate your Instagram with Magento store
  • Update Instagram images base on username and multi-hashtags
  • Allow showing Instagram images/Stream any CMS page
  • Set the number of Instagram images to be displayed
  • Display likes and comments number on the image when hovering
  • Responsive
  • Easily disable/ enable extension
  • Choose layout to display images
  • Lead customers directly to your Instagram network and follow you on Instagram
  • Choose the effect of Instagram Stream
  • Setting Instagram slider
  • Easy install and config
  • Support customized upon request 


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