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Magento 2 Store Pickup

Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x, Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x

Store Pickup extension helps Magento websites set options for customers to take orders online at retail stores, roadside or any location you set up in the backend 


Why is the Store Pickup extension necessary for Magento website

Buy online, pick up in store is a new shipping trend and are being applied by many big e-commerce websites (Walmart, Armani Exchange)

This form of shipping gives customers a more convenient shopping experience in giving them more choices of buying methods, saving time waiting for shipping time.
In fact, many times what customers want is not free shipping, but to receive the goods as soon as possible. You can help customers receive products as quickly as possible, when they place orders on the website and come to the shop to receive the goods.


The Magepow team researches and publishes the Store Pickup extension for Magento website.

This extension provides the option to pick up the goods for each location so that customers can pick up their goods.

After enabling the door-to-door option, the customer can choose between shipping the Store pickup in the Shipping methods section of the checkout page. When they select Store pickup, they can choose the desired destination, date and time to pick up their items.



How does Store Pickup work for Magento 2?

1. Provide additional shipping method 'Store Pickup'

In addition to the store-to-your-door shipping methods, Store pickup offers a unique form of shipping: your customers can locate their pick up locations at the nearest store. This method can be selected right from the checkout page in the shopping cart.

- Help save shipping costs and waiting time for customers to receive goods. Customers can take the initiative in receiving goods. They can pick up the goods at the desired time and place.
- Save costs and time for the store.



2. Attract customers to your traditional stores

Integrating the location of your store system on the website will introduce all of the offline stores to customers.

The Store pickup extension provides a handy map feature that gives customers an intuitive view of your store's location.

Besides, when customers go straight to the store to pick up the products they ordered in advance, this gives the potential to sell a few more items in the store.

- Allows users to use Google map to select the nearest store
- Provide customers with a professional shopping experience
- Increase sales of online and traditional stores
- Keeping customers on the website longer
- Increase customer loyalty



Customers can view information of the store: store name, detailed address, phone number, email and working time of weekdays.
For example, when a customer orders a dress online, when they go to the store they can buy a beautiful flower brooch.


3. Allows the buyer to choose the date and time of receipt

The Magento 2 Store Pickup feature allows your customers to choose specific delivery dates and times:
- Select a pickup date



- Select a pickip time



4. Create an unlimited number of locations that customers can receive goods

Magento 2 Store Pickup allows you to create multiple stores and display them on Google map.
Login to the admin panel, select “Magepow”> “Manage Stores” to start creating and managing your list of places.



5. Configure settings for Store Pickup shipping method

- Enable/Disable Store pickup extension
- Customize the title
- Customize Method name
- Custom shipping price
- Select the unit of shipping price (Fixed or Percent)
- Custom Handling Fee
- Set up displayed error messages
- Custom shipping to applicable countries
- Customize notification sort order



Highlight Features

  • For website administrators

- Easy manage stores with no coding

- Disable/Enable the module whenever you want in the Admin Panel.

- Configure and display multiple stores on map

- Option to title and name for method of receiving goods at store

- Optional shipping handling fee

- Create an unlimited number of shipping and storage locations in the store

- Locate shop by longitude and latitude

- Detailed description of contact, email, business hours for each location

- Locate the store by marker on Google map

- Displays all store locations in the map so that customers can quickly select the nearest store.

- 100% compatible with Magento open source

- Compatible with Magento 2 Theme

- Compatible with other Magento 2 extensions.

  • For customers:

- Replace the purchase address with the store address

- Customize delivery time and delivery date

- Check delivery location information through google map

- Your order details will contain information about the time and place of your pick up

- Customers can check out anytime you want

  • For businesses:

- Avoid risks when hiring third party shipping services

- Opportunity to sell and sell more when receiving goods at the store

- Ensure items arrive to customers in best condition

- Flexible shipping time.


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