Version 1.0 | Effective from 1st of April, 2019

This is the agreement between Magepow (we/us/our/ and Customer (customers/you/your) which regulates the terms when customers use Magepow products or services. By purchasing any product or service from, we assume that both sides are agreed with all terms of the license agreement, detail by the following:

A. Rights and Duties of the customer

Product using

  • Customers are allowed to use a copy of the extension or theme for the domain you have purchased.
  • If customers want to use them for a different domain, you must purchase a separate license.
  • Customers can’t use the software of a part of software or documentation for any commercial purpose without the written permission of
  • Customers can’t sell, donate, give,… the software for a third party without our written permission of

Product download

For downloadable product type, customers can download at any time and the number of download times is unlimited on customers account.


For products that are purchased, customers have the right to update lifetime free. Customers can download the latest version for that product on the customer account or sent a ticket to ask for the latest version.


Customers get 6 months of support without fee for each product purchased (theme/ extension). The Support Time is count from the moment you have received the License Email. (The “Email” is registered on customer account)

If the support period is expired, has the right to refuse support request, customers want to get support must pay for the support package.

B. Rights and Duties of

Support has the duty to support customers during the Support Time as soon as possible within 24h.

Magepow Copyright

  • is the copyright holder of the Software. The software or a part of software or all documents related are protected by Copyright Law. All of the activity that violates our copyright will be prosecuted according to the current law. We have the right to revoke the invalid license from anyone.
  • In case customers make the refund, has the right to revoke the license of our software. If after the refund process is completed, customers are still using our license, we will see this action is to violate our copyright and under the copyright law.

Other Terms

  • is not responsible for any activity of using software against law.
  • For improvement, has the right to modify or add more terms of this License Agreement at any time and update our website without notice.
  • is not responsible for any damage to customers because of using or can’t use our software.