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Magento 2 Auto related products

Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x, Magento 2.3.x, Magento 2.4.x

Auto Related Products extension by Magepow automatic display of related products professionally and intelligently on the website. Create favorable conditions for customers to view more products and increase website performance


Magento 2 Auto related products


Reality shows that when users visit and view products on your website, they often tend to see more products related to the product they are viewing.

For example: On a business clothing website, when customers view a shirt product, they may look at other shirt styles before deciding to shop. 

Based on this trend of customers, you can increase sales for your website by setting up smart recommendations for related products. 


Magento 2 Auto Related Products is a useful tool to help you introduce customers to more products that they are also interested in. 

Instead of just choosing to buy a product and pay for it, customers and choose from more color, style, or functionality-related products from your suggestions.

Add related and often purchased products together in the store. From there, it is possible to sell more products or simply attract customers to view and stay on the website.


  • Helps display more goods that are likely to bring higher sales to the store.
  • Increase the average value of customer orders, improve the conversion rate for the website. 
  • Provide customers with more information about products sold or cross-selling, increase the time customers stay on the website.
  • Increase customer navigation
  • Save customization time with smart auto-suggestions. 


How does it work?

1. Automatically display related items based on setting smart rules

The standout feature of Auto Related Products is that it allows you to select products based on their attributes/categories without having to manually select each product.

In the admin panel, you can easily customize the rule information: rule name, status, store view, and priority. Priority of rules means that only one rule can be applied to one location. If there is more than one rule, the smallest numbered rule will be enforced.



2. Optional product condition

  • Setting block display related items, best-selling goods, attached goods, helps customers see many products on the website. 
  • You can also display products that are on promotions, offering customers relevant deals. 

In the product display section, you can choose related products using rule conditions and conditional combinations



3. Choose a suitable display position

Magento 2 Auto Related Product provides a variety of related product block display positions. Related product blocks will be shown separately: on the cart page, on the product page, on the category page, ...

Similar to the 'Product to Display' section, you can define a relevant product display position based on a combination of conditions.



4. Customizer related product block

This feature helps you name the product blocks for convenience during management.

  • It is possible to display multiple blocks per page and multiple blocks per position
  • Flexible design allows choosing block layout, sorting order of related products (random, name of the category, price from low to high, price high to low, newest)
  • Limit product display for best performance.

For example, placing related product blocks being offered on the product details page, you can arrange them in order from the lowest priced product to the highest-priced product.


5. Responsive tab 

Choose how many items are displayed in a row depending on the resolution.



6. Present related products on the professional slider

Using the slider will help your website vivid and beautiful. Customers will be more excited to see more related products.

Magento 2 Auto Related Products makes it easy to customize your slider:

  • Activate / Deactivate the slider
  • Option to display vertical sliders
  • Option to automatically repeat slides
  • Automatically next slide
  • Show arrows to second or backslide
  • Display dots below slider
  • Slide effect options center mode - the center of the slider
  • Select the number of rows for which the slider is displayed
  • Set the time to automatically play the next extraction page
  • Set the autoplay delay for the first next slide


7. Other great configuration options

  • Place padding between sliders. Padding is used to create space around an element's content, within any specified border.
  • Choose the height and width of the image in the slider
  • Display the product's shopping cart button in the slider
  • Display the product comparison button in the slider
  • Display the product wish list button on the slider
  • Display product review button on the slider
  • Sort products by name, price, newest product, or random product



Results of Auto Related Product on the frontend

  • Displays related product block in shopping cart page 


  • Show related product block in Category Page 


  • Display in Content Top and Sidebar Top of Product Page.



Full Features

  • Automatic display of related products, cross-sells and promotional products based on established rules
  • Show unlimited blocks of related products
  • Choose the right display position: category page, product page, shopping cart page
  • Get the block set
  • The ability to prioritize rules
  • Responsive features
  • Slide configuration features include many modes such as slide, infinite, speed, rows, dots, fade
  • Can configure for the product information includes padding, image width, image height, show cart, compare, wishlist, ...
  • Easy to configure and customize, no coding knowledge required
  • Compatible with open-source Magento
  • Compatible with Magento theme by Alothemes
  • Compatible with the Magepow Magento extension
  • Compatible with third-party add-ons
  • Quick support at Contact


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