Some useful Pattern Background creation tools for Designer

On a website, beautiful images always make a good impression on our customers when they visit our website. For those who do not have much design knowledge, making a beautiful background is quite difficult when using specialized tools for design. Here I would like to introduce some tools to create beautiful Background Patterns for a website or application.

1. Hero Patterns


Here is a collection of SVG background templates available to use for your website. You can freely choose the style you love among more than 90 flower patterns. You can also customize these templates to suit your website such as color, opacity, …

2. SVG Background

SVG Background

This page contains more than 40 beautiful patterns and allows displaying images in high resolution with file sizes up to 5KB and especially it is supported in all modern browsers. Especially you can convert to CSS for websites or SVG for design.

3. Patterninja


With Patterninja you can combine all of the images in the site’s gallery to create the wallpaper you want. On this site, you can use SVG custom images. However, this feature is still in beta and may not work reliably.

4. Trainglify Generator

 Trainglify Generator

With Trainglify Generator you will create the SVG background yourself, not using the template as the pages above. With this tool page, you can create beautiful and colorful background frames using geometries of arbitrary height and width. However, you can only download the low-resolution version. If you want a sharper background you will have to pay $ 4 for high-resolution SVG and PNG files. However, this is also a great and interesting tool for you to quickly edit and create pattern backgrounds for your interface.

Above are some online websites that can help you create a background pattern for your website quickly and for free without knowing how to use design tools. Hope to help you. Thank you for watching and see you again.