Managing Magento 2 Customer Group: Serving Clients' Need

Products are the base of your store, and Customers contributed bricks that you can grow up your store. Therefore, Customers are necessary, focus on customers is one of to do things to grow your business. Understand the importance of customers on commercial, Magento provides Customer Group, a feature that can easily focus and serve your customers.

So, How to Config Customer Group

In Admin Panel, tap CUSTOMERS then click on Customer Groups


You will see the dashboard like this. You can Add New Customer Group, or Edit, Delete group magento-customer-group

Group NOT LOGGED IN is a default group, it only can change the Tax Class

To have more customer group, click on Add New Customer Group

Type the name of the group and set Tax Class


You can confiq Tax Class at Stores -> Tax Rules


Setting the Customer

In the Admin Panel, tap CUSTOMERS then click on All Customers

It will show like this


Click on which aspect you want to change:


Change the group then Save

You can see the detail setting when clicking on Edit. It provides you the full and detail information of your customer, including Orders, Wish List, Billing Agreement, etc. help you easy to manage the customer account


And done for add Customer Group in Magento 2. In brief, you should focus on customers and reach the customers' satisfaction, Customer Group is a useful feature of Magento to serve the customer better. Make full use of Magento