Flexbox in CSS

Flexbox is one of the patterns that help to align layouts easily and flexibly. However, understanding and using it is not easy. In today’s article, I will help you learn about how to use flexbox effectively and correctly. First, we need to understand the structure of the flexbox.

1. Cấu trúc:

Flexbox consists of 2 main components: Flex container and flex items along with some properties:
Main start: The starting point of the container along the main axis.
Main end: The end of the container along the main axis.
Cross start and cross end: Similar but based on the cross axis.
Main axis: The direction of the displayed items, by default, it will run from left to right.
Cross axis: The axis is perpendicular to the main axis, running from top to bottom.
Main size: This is the size of each item based on the main axis.
Cross size: The size of each item is based on the cross axis.

flexbox structure

2. Thuộc tính thùng chứa linh hoạt:

display Define the flexbox propertyflex
flex-directionChoose the display direction of the items, this allows us to change the position of the flex items.row: item from left to right along the main axis.
row-reverse: items will be placed from right to left according to the main axis.
column: items will be stacked from top to bottom.
column-reverse: same as column but items will be sorted from bottom to top.
flex-wrapTo determine if the items fit inside the flex containernowrap (default)
wrap: items will be completely wrapped in the container.
flex-flowShorthand for flex-direction and flex-wrap with the first value being flex-direction and the second being flex-wrap
justify-contentAlign items horizontallyflex-start: will set the item to start from the main start (and this is also the default value).
flex-end: will place item starting from the main end
center: will place all items in the center of the main axis.
space-between: will divide the extra space evenly and add it between items.
space-around: will split the spacing at the beginning and the end. The distance at the beginning and the end will be half of the distance between the two items together.
space-evenly: will evenly divide the distance between items and items, item and main start, item and main end are equal.
align-itemsAlign items verticallyflex-start: Item is placed at the start of the cross start (top left).
flex-end: Item is placed at the start of the cross end (bottom left).
center: Item is vertically centered.
baseline: Item will be placed according to the line height of the text.
align-contentLike justify-content but verticallyalign-content: stretch.
align-content: flex-start.
align-content: flex-end.
align-content: center.
align-content: space-between.
align-content: space-around.

Above is an introductory article about the flexbox property in CSS. Hope the article will be helpful to you. Goodbye and see you again.

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