How To Use Metafields In Shopify? (Part 1)

Metafields allows you to include additional information in a Shop resource. Currently, Metafields has integrated a new interface into the shop. This allows you to easily add custom fields to your product pages, collections.

Step By Step

Step 1: Go to Setting-> Metafields in admin store

shopify admin

Step 2: Select products, variants, collections, customers, or orders to add new metafields

There are many options for you to input metafields including:

  • Date and time
  • Color
  • JSON
  • Measurements
  • Reference
  • True or False
  • Number Field
  • File
  • URL
  • Text

Once you’ve created a metafield, the field will automatically show up on every page or product variation. You won’t need to handle each product individually or have to remember if you set a metafields value, it’s right there on the product page

So, I showed you how to create metafields, in the next section we will learn how to use them in themes. Thanks for reading!