How to transfer stores to Shopify?

After you develop a store you need to pass it on to your customers. Shopify also supports you to do this quickly and easily. Today I would like to show you how to do this on Shopify in the Partner Dashboard.

In the Shopify system, there are two types of accounts to access a store. It is the account of the owner and of the employee. If you are the owner of a development store, you can give your customers access to the store while you are working by adding them as employees. Once your store is developed, you will proceed to transfer ownership to your customers in the Partner Dashboard, once they start paying for the Shopify plan, you will receive an authorized collaborator account you access the store through your Partner Dashboard.

To transfer the ownership of the store to another person, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit your store here

Visit your store

Step 2: In the Action section, choose Transfer store ownership

Choose Transfer store ownership

Step 3: On the Transfer Store Ownership dialog box, select a new owner from the list of eligible owners.

If you haven’t added your client as an employee, click Add an employee account and create a new account for your client before continuing. Your customers must complete the staff account set up before you can transfer ownership of the store to them.

Finally, click Switch Store and the store will show up on the Shops page in your Partner Dashboard (under the Managed tab). New owners will receive an email with instructions on creating an account and choosing a plan.
The store will be paused until your customer accepts payment for the Shopify subscription. After successful payment, you will start receiving recurring commission for that store.