How to find the php.ini folder

You can check the configuration of the php.ini config file in the following ways

1. Create a file to get info on PHP

In the folder pointing to your website add a file info.php

For example in some prominent frameworks like
Laravel it would be your_folder_website/pub/info.php
Magento your_folder_website/pub/info.php
WordPress your_folder_website/info.php …

in the info.php folder add this line of code to be able to check the php.ini file and your entire php configuration on the browser.

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

here you can see which folder the php.ini configuration file is being stored in on your server.

2. Search by command

you can try these commands to find where the php file is being displayed

php -i | grep 'Configuration File'
or in window
php -i | find 'Configuration File'

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