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Magento 2 Crisp Chat

 Live chat software is becoming more and more popular and an indispensable part of websites, especially e-commerce sites. This application  allows you and your website visitors to chat right on the website. Via the chat box, you will have a chance to connect with your customer and serve them as soon as possible. Through the live chat box, you will increase the customer experience and get a chance to approach more customers. Currently, Crisp is one of the live chat plugins that is trusted by many businesses. Because of these reasons, Crisp Chat extension for Magento 2 will help you integrate this application into your Magento website in the simplest way. 


Highlight Features

 Easy configuration with Crisp Chat ID 

 To integrate Crisp live chat plugin into Magento, you need to install Magento 2 Crisp Chat Extension. After registering to use Crisp here, you can find WebsiteID provided by Crisp following this guide, copy and fill ID in “Crisp website Id” in our extension, enable this extension, and you can use live chat on your website. 

Mode no-js support feature optimize scores Gtmetrix or Google PageSpeed Insights 

 Website often slows down when embedding third-party libraries. If you enable this feature, only when hovering over images on the site and Crisp images will appear, it will speed up the website when testing by Gtmetrix or Google PageSpeed Insights. However, the downside of this feature is that it will make the images on the website not display until the mouse is moved. Please consider when enabling this feature. 

Easy to use

Crisp Chat extension for Magento 2 allows you to configure it easily with three options. No codding needed.


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Magento 2 Crisp Chat